If you are looking for a Certified Sign Language ASL Interpreter for communication between hearing and Deaf persons you won't be disappointed in our services. We carefully screen all our interpreters for the appropriate skills and background for each request!

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Using a videophone with real-time video connection, an interpreter relays the conversation between the two parties. This partnership enables us to give these patients the opportunity to place video phone calls to friends and family from inside the hospital - the equivalent of leaving a hospital phone on a patient's bedside table.

Our video network currently handles over 65,000 video calls every day and processes over five million minutes of on-demand video every month. Our video network platform is a fully redundant, dual core network interconnected with three different telecommunications carriers for Internet access, three carriers for telephone services (PSTN) access, and over 30 video call distribution centers across the United States on a self-healing MPLS network. This network has given us an extremely reliable service, with availability exceeding 99.99%.

  • Private calling: Virtual Private Network (VPN) all of our calls are private and encrypted – this allows our healthcare clients to maintain HIPAA compliance.
  • Many languages are offered: a large variety of languages available.
  • No contract minimums: you pay for the minutes you use, when you use them.

Interpreting Best Practice Papers

RID's Standard Practice Papers (SPPs) articulate the consensus of the membership in outlining standard practices and positions on various interpreting roles and issues.

State & Federal Disabilities Laws

State and Federal laws mandating public and private entities to provide reasonable and appropriate public accommodations.

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